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Reach Cooperation

Plusone Health,Global Recruitment

Plusone Health,Global Recruitment

Main Product:

More than 40 products of Plusone Organic Ginseng

Place of Production:

Changbai Mountain Range, 41.5 ° N, Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Jilin Province


Plusone is the first organic ginseng planting company around the world, we operate an all-in-one industry chain including Plant, R&D, process, storage, logistics. Plusone owns the NOP, EU, JAS and GB organic certificatse, the geographical identification of Changbai mountain, and organic traceability.

Ways of Cooperation:

First order 20 thousand, 200 thousand for one year.

Requirement of Dealers:

Having advanced management ideas and mature channels, credible business with integrity, dedicated, hardworking, going forward hand in hand with Plusone, making the first ginseng brand of China.

Market Support


Plusone has professional product manager to train product knowledge regularly, as well as the therapy of life cultivation and health preservation.

All-in-one product chain, whole process traceability, provides safe quality assurance for dealers.

According to seasons, we provide different food matching scheme, being truly healthy, and update online recipes regularly.

Provide 4 countries’ Certificates of organic certification.


Company provides materials and complimentary support for sales irregularly.

Coordinates dealers to complete activities like shop celebrations.

Annual sales amount reached to 200 thousand, gives 2 times’ promotional support for next year (The amount of promotional gifts is no more than 2,000 yuan)

Annual sales amount reached to 300 thousand, gives 4 times’ promotional support for next year (The amount of promotional gifts is no more than 2,000 yuan)

Annual sales amount reached to 500 thousand, gives a specific product as the channel products to sell


In ginseng harvest season, organizes dealers to visit Changbai mountain planting base to enjoy the sight of both China and North Korea for free.

Freight support and carry out the CIF price

Key market gives diversified advertising support

Return and change support

Price protection in the same area

Free handbags, recipes, leaflets, etc.